Warriors of Eternity (free download) is a revolutionary table top RPG inspired by your favorite old school action fantasy cartoons.

It utilizes familiar d20 resolution mechanisms & groundbreaking new systems that encourage roleplay, team-buidling, and emergent narrative. Warriors of Eternity has five main design goals.

Design Goal 1

Familiar d20 resolution mechanics. Warriors of Eternity utilizes familiar polyhedral dice resolution mechanisms. When Players need to resolve an action, they will roll a d20 and try to beat or exceed a target number, often a Difficulty Class (DC), an Armor Class (AC), or a Save.

Design Goal 2

Team Building. Warriors of Eternity utilizes 5 of the familiar 6 Ability Scores: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, and Wisdom. Instead of Charisma, PCs get an Ability Score called Aptitude. Aptitude measures a PCs skill with technology. There are no Charisma rolls in Warriors of Eternity. In place of a random binary for social encounters, Warriors of Eternity offers the Bond System. Players will build Bond with their teammates, including other PCs and GMPCs. The Bond shared between characters is measured with Bond Points. Bond Points are currency. They do not refresh once spent. You earn Bond Points by acquiring Prompts through emergent interactions at the table. Prompts are simple statements such as “Reveal a Truth about your PC,” “Reveal a Truth about the World, “Share Food,” and “Learn Song.” To acquire a Prompt, a Player must do a bit of role play with the GM or one of the other Players. The Players should work together to explore the Prompt that is being acquired. You can spend Bond in a number of ways that we will talk about in a different writing, but the goal here is to spend Bond to Level Up. We will need to iterate the numbers & attempt to keep the economy limited in scale. As each Player increases Bond in the Team, they increase their own Power and can unlock new Powers.

Design Goal 3

THE POWER. Warriors of Eternity uses the word “Power” whenever practical, even if unnecessary.

Design Goal 4

Goldilocks Heroes. Player Characters start at level 1 and retire after level 10. The goal here is to simulate the “Goldilocks Level Zone” from beginning of play through the end. A level 1 Warriors of Eternity PC is much more capable than level 1 PCs in other systems. Conversely, A level 10 PC will approach a more traditional level 11 or 12.

Design Goal 5

Now You’re Playing with Power. Every Warriors of Eternity PC has a base number of Power Points equal to their level. PCs spend Power Points to fuel Powers, including special moves, spells, and gadgetry. PCs’ Power Points refresh with a rest and a scene. PCs can convert Bond Points to Power Points on a 1-1 ratio. Equipment and items can also be used to increase a PC’s Power Point total. Power is what fuels the Hero Team’s fight against the dark forces of Evil.

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