The Game

Warriors of Eternity (free download) utilizes polyhedral dice, acting prompts, and a spell point system to power up your table top role playing game. The QST features 5 Character Classes that are evocative of some of your favorite classic cartoon heroes. The game seeks to bring out the joy and fun of playing in a universe of great good and despicable evil, where the Power of time, magic, and technology fuels adventures for a daring team of allies.

The GM has a special role, but is a Player like everyone else at the table. Players should all expect to contribute to the emergent narrative, whether they are the GM or they are controlling a Hero PC.

The game utilizes Prompts to help Players share in building the world, the narrative, and the relationships between the characters. This type of shared story telling experience is rewarding in its own right, but Warriors of Eternity rewards it in additional ways.

Building the world, solving the mysteries, making friends and enemies all rewards Players with Bond Points which are the main currency of the game.

Bond Points can be spent to befriend companions, acquire high tech vehicles, and to make your PC more POWERFUL.